Body Shop Guidelines 
  • Loaner cars made available for $3. per day, whenever possible to our customers while having repair work done in our body shop. We supply the car and the customer will supply the gasoline.  A customer must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid drivers license to use one of our loaner cars. 
  • Due to many unforeseen circumstances in the repairing of vehicles, we regret that we can only estimate, not promise, a completion time. You may call to inquire the status at any time and we will call you when the repair work is finished. 
  • Payment for repair is made at the front desk of the body shop. We will have a bill and keys to your vehicle and will expect full payment at time of delivery. Unless prior arrangements have been made. 
  • Any damaged vehicle left in our yard is subject to a $50. per day storage charge should the owner decide not to have the estimated repair work done in our shop. Payment is expected before the vehicle is moved. 
  • We do our best to take reasonable care of your vehicle while at our facility, however we are not responsible for any possessions left in your automobile.
  • If a customer cancels a repair job after special parts have been order he/she may be expected to pay necessary charges to return those parts. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact our body shop manager. 
"Notice to our customers" 
Required Under Maine State Law 
Before we being making repairs, you have the right to put in writing the total amount you agree to pay for repairs. You will not have to apy anything over that amount unless you agree to it when we contact you later. 

Before you pay your bill you have the right to inspect any replaced parts. You have a right to take with you any replaced parts, unless we are required to return the parts to our distributor or manufacturer. 
We cannot install any used or rebuilt parts unless you specifically agree in advance. 
You cannot be charged any fee for exercising these rights. 

We Charge $59 per hour for labor w/ body & paint and frame work. 

(We round off the time to the nearest tenth.) 

We also charge a flat rate for some repairs. Our body shop manager will explain what a flat rate is and show you how much it may cost you. Our body shop manager will explain shop supplies and how much they may cost you. 

A flat rate charge may not match the time actually spent repairing your vehicle. Please ask us whether we will charge you by the hour, or by a flat rate. We use the same labor rate method in any estimate we provide and any bill you receive. 
Any Questions 
or Concerns  
Please Call 
James Kramlich 
Body shop manager