Optional Cosmetic Alloy Wheel Repair 
  • Unlimited cosmetic Repairs or replace of alloy wheels caused by scrapes and minor curb rash.
  • Covers painted , polished , chrome, machine finished , PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), multi-piece wheels or hubcaps
Windshield Repair 
  • Provides for the replacement of minor chips,starts, or nicks to the windshield glass less than 2 inches in length or diameter caused by propelled rocks, stones or other road debris. 
  • Coverage is provided for windshield repairs only; no coverage is afforded for windshield replacement damage compromising the integrity of the windshield or damage in the line of vision. 
Headlight Brightening 
  • Exterior reconditioning of foggy or yellowed headlights 
  • Restores the visual clarity and luster 
  • Helps improve nighttime safety and visibility
  • Does not cover Replacement parts 
Dent Repair 
  • Unlimited Paintless Dent Removal (PDR ) repairs for dents and creases up to the size  of a Standard Credit card
  • Does not cover any area of the vehicle made of composite material
  • The ding Shield Service plan is limited to steel Or aluminum body panels and repairs. 
  • Paint damage or puncture metal is not covered 
Rental Vehicle Benefit 
  • While your vehicle is undergoing covered repairs, reimbursement for actual rental vehicle cost for maximum for one day, not to exceed $50
Rips, Tears and burns 
  • Includes unlimited repairs for rips, burns, tears, holes and punctures up to 2 inches in length or diameter. 
  • Covers seats, carpet, leather, vinyl and cloth surfaces
  • Protects the steering wheel, armrests, door panels, headliners, center consoles and cargo areas. 
  • Does not cover damage caused by cleach or corrosive material, electronic instrument panels, buttons, or laminated or simulated wood. 

Hail Coverage
  • Hail or acorn damage will be repaired using the PDR process up to$500 or the Amount of your automotive insurance comprehensive deductible whichever is less.
  • Up to $1,000 or the amount of your automotive insurance comprehensive deductible whichever is less. 
Helps Keep your vehicle's Great Looks and Resale value at its Best Eight Different Ways! 


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Protect your Vehicles Paint 

The following items can permanently ruin the paints original finish
Acid Rain
Fuel Stain 
Hard water sports 
Paint Overspray from roads
Tree Sap 
Sand Abrasion 
Road de-icing material 
Bird Droppings 
Ultraviolet Rays
Vandalism from spray pain 
Protect your vehicle's or Leather 
seats,Carpeting and Floor Mats

The following items can permanently stain your interior;
                                                                                                            All food and beverage spills 
Crayons, ink and more 
Dye transfer from clothing limited to professional reconditioning and repair 
Child and Pet mishaps 
 Chewing Gum 

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